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    PPro CC XDCAM EX 1080i

    adam newcombe

      I have upgraded from 6 to CC and am using the same XDCAMEX 108050i (upper f) footage. I have setup the exact same sequence settings as in PPro CS6, however after importing the footage into the bin and starting a new timeline the footage has a yellow bar on the timeline indication it is not native. When I right click the footage in the bin and select properties it comes up with


      Type: MPEG Movie

      File Size: 130.5 MB

      Image Size: 1920 x 1080

      Frame Rate: 25.00

      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00:00:30:18

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      This is incorrect as when i do the same in PPro CS6 it says it is in XDCAMEX format in the explanation.


      Type: QuickTime Movie

      File Size: 138.6 MB

      Image Size: 1920 x 1080

      Frame Rate: 25.00

      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00:00:32:16

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      QuickTime Details:

      Movie contains 1 video track(s), 1 audio track(s) and 1 timecode track(s).



      There are 816 frames with a duration of 1/25th.


      Video track 1:

      Duration is 0:00:32:16

      Average frame rate is 25.00 fps


      Video track 1 contains 1 type(s) of video data:


      Video data block #1:

      Frame Size = 1920 x 1080

      Compressor = XDCAM EX 1080i50 (35 Mb/s VBR)

      Quality = Normal (3.00)

      Temporal = Normal (3.00)



      Audio track 1 contains 1 type(s) of audio data:


      Audio data block #1:

      Format = 16 bit - Stereo

      Rate = 48000 Hz

      Compressor =  16-bit Big Endian 



      Timecode track 1 contains 1 type(s) of data:


      Timecode data block #1:

      Start Time = 22:16:35:23

      Reel name =


      and when i lay the footage in my timeline (in CS6) there is no yellow bar. In CC the playback is not realtime which is very frustrating because in CS6 it payed back flawellesly all the time.


      Has anyone had the same problems? It seems as though CC is not interpreting the footage correctly in creating a native timeline.




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What cameras was used?  Did you copy the full contents of the card to the hard drive first and import using Media Browser?


          I'm actually not seeing anything wrong with the reported specs, and the yellow line doesn't really matter all that much.  It just shows up with some formats, even when the sequence settings do match.

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            adam newcombe Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. The camera is a JVC-HM100E I have imported the media exactly as I would have in CS6, yes, Using The Media Browser.

            Like I posted above the files don't seem to be recognised as XDCAMEX rather just MPEG Movie?? I wouldn't be concerned with the yellow line as I have read that it doesnt matter much as you said but it will hardly playback in realtime as it did in Premiere PRo cs6. i edit longform Program and its highly unproductive when you cant watch back in realtime. But maybe that just another issue with the software?

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              Mark Morreau Level 2

              (XDCAM EX footage is actually MPEG2, isn't it? Even though it's in a quicktime or MP4 container)


              How are you creating a sequence? Are you right-clicking on a clip and asking to create new sequence from clip? Or are you creating a new XDCAM EX sequence from a preset?


              FWIW I'm not having issues with any XDCAM EX  footage from my Sony EX1

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                adam newcombe Level 1

                Yes thats right it is MPEG2 and I have tried creating sequences from both a preset and right clicking the clip and also dragging a clip to the automate to sequence command in the bin. All with the same results.


                All that I wanted to know was why is there such a discrepancy between CS6 and CC when I am doing the exact same thing from one show to the next. Everything was playing back in CS6 no dropped frames etc etc once i did the upgrade to CC the sequence doesnt seem native XDCAM EX as when i select sequence settings in the top menu it says "Custom" insted of XDCAM EX 1080i as it did in CS6 and playback is rediculously slow with dropped frames etc.


                I would have imageined that with an upgarde all would have remained the same. With your EX1 footage is there a yellow Bar on the timeline in CC and does it playback realtime no dropped frames?


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                  Mark Morreau Level 2

                  Hi Adam,


                  With my EX1 footage I do get a yellow bar, yes, but I always did, even in CS6. But all plays back in real time, with or without MPE enabled.


                  In CC when I create a new sequence from clip I get correct settings in the sequence properties, i.e. it is a Sony XDCAM EX sequence.


                  Are you on a Mac or PC? I'm on PC.


                  Rather than using Media Browser, what happens if you drag the whole BPAV folder into Premiere and then create a sequence from one of those clips? Does Premiere CC do a better job of recognising it?


                  (All I can think is it's some issue to do with the difference between the JVC and the Sony interpretation that Premier Pro CC hasn't got right.)


                  If no improvement then I think a call to Tech Support might be in order, as might filing a bug report.



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                    Greg Baber Adobe Employee

                    The yellow bar means that the footage should play without any additional rendering.  It does not mean the footage is not being played natively. 


                    Most footage will come in with a yellow bar.  Red means that there is no preview file associated and the footage is likely to require rendering before it works.  Yellow means there is no preview file, but the footage really shouldn't need it.  Green means that the footage was already rendered and there is a preview file associated.


                    I know most people think of it as a traffic light - red means stop, yellow means caution, green means go.  However, in our case, it's much more a case of red means caution, yellow means go, and green means you already went.


                    This is a gross simplification - here is a much more detailed explanation here - http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2011/02/red-yellow-and-green-render-bars.html