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    Changing page order within sections




      Easy question I hope, but it's driving me nuts!  I have a document with three alternate layouts.  They are named iPad H, iPad V and Android.  Each section has 4 pages.


      My client now wants the last page in the layout to become the first page.  So I need to move my page 4s so that they become my page 1s. (3 sections - 3 page 1s, 3 page 4s)


      Can someone please give me the steps to do this so I don't screw up the sections? 


      I've tried all the options I can think of, including just dragging the pages, using the 'move' command' in the pages panel flyout, changing the numbering and section options and various combinations of 'allow doc pages to shuffle' and 'allow spread to shuffle' but each time I do, I end up screwing up the sections.  It seems like page 1 of iPad V and Android mark the beginning of those layouts and I need to change that.


      Changing the page order in the first layout (iPad H) works fine - it's the other 2 that screw up.


      Thanks for any advice! I'm on CS6 on a mac.