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    Divide Scanned Photo


      How come the Divide Scanned Photo is inactive in my newly downloaded Photoshop Elements?

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          ukgaurav Adobe Employee

          Navigate to Expert mode and try once. BY default it is Quick mode and some menu items are disabled here.




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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You need to have your scanned page showing in the main edit window in Expert Mode then you can click the menu:


            Image >> Divide Scanned Photos

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              Thanks for your tip of switching to Expert mode in order to divide scanned photos.  Worked great!

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                My PSE 15 in expert mode does process the full group image but does not divide it. Tried with many different photo groups. Help!

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                  Im having the same issue. I just scanned all my photos digital to "preserve" them and because there was so many, I scanned multiples at the same time. I dont really want to have to go and rescan all of those eating up hard drive space and time. If anyone can help, PLEASE?!!

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                    jp1776 Level 1

                    There is a way to "salvage" your existing work.  In Editor, select one of the photos that contains multiple pictures that were scanned together.  Use the "Crop" tool to select one of the photos and save it with a new filename.  Do the same for each of the other images.  As long as you preserve the original "multiple picture" scan, you can return to it later if you find a more sophisticated method to separate the pictures.  I have used this procedure and it does work.  For future scans, your scanning software may allow you to scan multiple images and let Elements Editor separate them.  Select one and choose "Divide Multiple Photos" from the "Image" tool at the top of the Editor screen.  I have not tried to separate multiple images from a previously saved photo but it may work and would save you a lot of time "cropping" to separate them.  I am using a dedicated Canon CanoScan 8800 flatbed scanner, that I purchased many years ago, that came bundled with Elements 5...the scanning software that came with it was great...allowing multiple high quality scans that were automatically separated.  I upgraded to PS15 with a new computer but, unfortunately. the scanner is "not compatible with Windows 10".   Although it really does work...it only provides 600 dpi resolution with just two 4x6 color prints. Hope this helps.

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                      MickeyMarie0981 Level 1

                      Thank you. A lot of work but worth it. Thanks so much