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    How to hide ToC in the body of an ebook?


      Hey folks, I have kind of a weird query. Keep in mind that everything I know about InDesign I've taught myself over the past month, so I may be missing somethng major.


      As part of an internship I'm creating ebooks, and have to make sure the ones I create look the same as ebooks previously created for my employer (better yet, I've had to do so from scratch!). In their previous ebooks (EPUB file format) the table of contents displayed by the ereader makes it clear a specific TOC style was used to create it (it has headings and subheadings, so it's not just the default style that pulls from file names) BUT there is NO table of contents anywhere within the body of the ebook itself. There's also no blank page where a TOC might be hidden with a hidden layer. 


      I've created a TOC style to match theirs, but I can't get it to show up in the TOC Styles dropdown menu when I go to export the Book file to EPUB unless the TOC document is also included in the Book file, and as I said, I can't have the TOC in the body of the ebook itself, just in the menu displayed by an ereader.


      Any advice?