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    Where is the Multicam Monitor in Premiere Pro CC?

    SMCreations Level 1

      Trying to work on a project to get a two camera seminar edit done and I can't seem to find the Multicam monitor?  I've manually synced up the two files in one sequence and then created another and enabled sequence one as a multicam, just like normal.  I even double clicked the multicam sequence to bring it up in the monitor and both cameras are displayed, but when I click on the individual cams as the clips are playing (either in the monitor or in the timeline) nothing happens with the sequence.  No edits are made in the timeline.  I realize there isn't a record type button in the window that's displaying both cams and the usual red highlight from the multicam monitor remains yellow around the clips.  Is there something I am just missing, how can I get the "edits" I'm making in the monitor to actually become edits on the timeline so I don't have to go through and do this manually.  (It's a two hour seminar, just trying to save some time here)