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    .AVI glitches after import


      First I should mention that everything I say in this post is something I did with only the most vague understanding of what I'm doing.


      I imported an .AVI, which plays fine everywhere else, and in the playback in Premiere and after exporting the video glitches out to where the frames will get mixed up with some lasting a full second overlayed over other frames. I'm sure there's a word for that. The audio is flawless, though.


      So I did some Googling around and found that it might be due to a missing codec, and after downloading G Spot and analyzing the file it said that I was missing the Microsoft Video 1 codec required for it. After more Googling and installing every codec pack that wasn't filled with malware, I came across the ffdshow decoder, which I then ran and used to enable the aforementioned codec in both the video decoder and the VFW configuration. I thought that would surely take care of it and booted up Premiere again, where after another import the video was still glitching.


      Here's what G Spot and ffdshow say right now-





      And again, I know what these things mean on the most superficial level so if I have to do anything fancier than check a box I could probably use the talking-to-an-old-person version.


      And if this question has already been answered somewhere I haven't come across it after an hour and probably a hundred tabs of searching.