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    Multicam quirks in Premiere CC


      Anyone else seeing inconsistent and quirky behavior with new multicam in Premiere CC?


      For example, my normal workflow is to have the multicam/program window on my right hand monitor and the timeline open in my left monitor. I drag the playhead in the timeline through the project, watch what the various camera shots are, and cut to cameras as needed via a ctrl+click, adding transitions when necessary. In CS6 this worked very well.


      However in CC a couple of issues have come up that makes me wish for CS6, unless someone has some suggestions. All video is running from an adequately speedy external RAID. Usually working with Canon XF video and AVCHD clips.


      1. The new "combined" program and multicam view doesn't pan out. I have an external SDI monitor and under CS6 I could see the final video, effects, transitions and everything on the external monitor. Now with CC when I'm in "multicam mode" I CANNOT see any effects, transitions, etc., just the raw cuts between camera views. To see effects and such I have to temporarily drop to "non-multicam" view (via button or shift+0) and then switch back. Probably someone is going to say "you shouldn't do it this way, you should first go through and choose your camera shots then go back through and add effects" but I don't care...I use to be able to work this way in CS6, why can't we in CC? Maybe I'm missing something.
      2. There are a lot of playhead and multicam edit quirks introduced, possibly as a results of the new combined multicam window. When dragging the playhead in the timeline frequently I'll stop dragging, tap spacebar to hit play, and the playhead will jump back in time to some spot 10-20 seconds back. I can't explain this nor does it seem to happen in any reproducible way. To make matters worse if I'm dragging the playhead and find a spot I need to switch cameras I'll stop dragging, select the camera, only to cringe and find that the playhead jumped back 10 seconds and now my camera edit is in the wrong place! I tried to mitigate this by dragging the playhead in the program/mutlicam window (instead of the timeline window), but I don't like this because the audio waveform isn't right there in my line of sight anymore and also it introduced new gremlins. Quite often I would ctrl+click a camera and the yellow "select" rectangle would remain on the previous camera. But in my timeline and external monitor the new camera is showing! Erk, this little bugs are very annoying.
        1. EDIT: After more testing this bug is easily reproducible. WIth a multicam sequence drag the playhead in the timeline window far down in to the sequence and immediately hit spacebar, drag back near the beginning and hit play. Doing this repeatedly will eventually cause the playhead "jump" back to a previous position. It does not seem to happen when dragging the playhead in the multicam window. It does not seem to happen when in non-multicam mode and dragging the timeline playhead. So end result: the "jump" bug happens when in multicam mode and dragging the timeline playhead.
      3. When switching between sequences very frequently the newly selected sequence will be marked "red" under the workbar and nothing will show on the external monitor. But if I quickly switch between multicam and non-multicam and back to multicam the red will dissappear and everything is normal.


      Any tips would be appreciated. I'm not quite ready to dump CC since there are lots of appreciated performance improvements (spanned AVCHD clips are rock solid so far...fingers crossed).


      Premiere Pro 7.0.0

      Windows 7 SP1

      G-Speed es external RAID

      Nvidia 580 video card (GPU acceleration enabled in Premiere of course)