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    Arabic text in Flash Pro CC

    Joseph_Saade Level 1



      We are currently evaluating flash pro cc.

      In terms of performance, it seems a huge step forward.


      We have several project that use TLF Text for dynamic text embedding.

      Classic Text does not support Arabic (it will show the letters disconnected if we wembed the font).


      What is currently the solution to this problem with Adobe droping TLF support in CC?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The current solution will most likely be to back up to using CS6 instead of CC if you need to use TLFTextfield objects.

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            Joseph_Saade Level 1

            I am more interested in the long term solution.


            I do not need TLF, I need arabic text


            So just like that, flash pro cc would not support arabic text?

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              im also working with arabic text, and yes text fields display arabic letter disconnected. Just TLS text worked.

              I tried to use the html text ( i.e using .span style language ar direction rlt span....).  Actuallyi need  to display some letters in different colors in the same word but, when i use htmltext "span"  the letters are disconnected.

              Using "old" tlf in mobile app is disccouraged and turning back to old version of flash prof is only a temporary solution...any suggestions?



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                i have the same problem , please some body help us !

                i chose english version with support to arabic but it does not solbe this issue


                i chose  use device font  in aniti-aliase option , the letter now connected  but that show the text in arial (or some bad font ),
                how to solve this so the font keep with no changing

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                  Adham_Dwikat Level 1

                  Hi everybody


                  after a days of thinking i used tricky way to solve this , if you have both flash CS6 and flash professionall CC installed in your system you can do what i did


                  1- put your TLFTextField in swf published by CS6 , write afunction to set text for it

                  2- load this swf in your flash proffesional CC project  and comunicate with at as you want (setText , get text or change format etc..)


                  important note : SWFs that have TLFTextField inside , have references issues with Loader , so dont use Loader to load it, use safeLoader instead

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                    lorenzoRe Level 1

                    Thanks for your trick, i still think that someone from adobe should give  at least a workaround, without the need of two of the "old" cs6.......

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                      Adham_Dwikat Level 1

                      my friend , i think of adobe like one who put us in mystries and watching us in our Labyrinths
                      any way.. a solution is beter than no solution  , )

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                        SAMI JOS

                        If you are developing for desktop you can use the "textArea" component"

                        But for mobile development you have to use an old version of flash or the swf text trick

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                          Jim Wiley Level 1

                          Hi All,

                          This is very annoying. They sabotage their own program just at the time when more and more companies are looking to expand their markets after the Great Recession. There are so many things you can do with the TLF fonts that you can't do with the Classic font above and beyond the most basic need of RTF, LTR, and BiDi paragraph control.


                          Not everybody can go to HTML5. Doesn't work for backward compatibility. Doesn't work on old systems. I can't expect the user/customer to adjust to Adobe or even my needs. I have another 3-5 years to transistion. We are the leading edge #1 company in a lagging edge of tech industry. I need to make Flash video with global captions for the old tech on the web too.


                          TLF Fonts are smaller, a given character's position on the stage can be detected, extensive character and paragraph control with language settings, non Latin language support, etc.


                          It was done - in my opinion - because it reduces test time and maintenance of the code. Maybe 5% (high side) need and use this feature.

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                            I'm Sorry my friend, Thank you so much.. but it's not good way to do that

                            and it's not affective way, we need something as Pluging or embed option inside the "Flash Professional CC" for Supporting and Typing Arabic.

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                              OsoViruso Level 1

                              Hey.. Everybody

                              I'm Oso.. I'm Graphic Designer and Web Designer on Adobe Programs, and Instructor. am with Adobe from many years, and using and Teaching Almost All Adobe Programs like: Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Pro, Premier, After Effects, and Dreamweaver. We're always have the same Problem with Arabic Language Specially with "Adobe Flash Professional" i was use this programe since it was with Macromedia and am still use it with adobe we was using different way to typing Arabic from some websites to change the coding of the letters and using Illustrator to type arabic inside then import it in flash then Adobe Company give us the solution of this Problem in Adobe CS6 when they Add the TLF Text inside The Flesh Pro CS6. but now we have the same Problem again because Adobe remove the TLF Text in the CC Version. Please ADOBE We need and We want you to reconsider this issue because Adobe it's Big and Professional Company.. This Problem with Middle Eastern and Arabic Language it will be Answered and hide it.

                              Thanks All.



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                                gus93222 Level 1

                                Bug#3928892 - arabic characters appear un-connected while arabic language is based on letter to letter connection. and R…


                                Adobe will never fix this problem unless we vote and show them there is a lot of people in need for arabic fix.

                                please click on the link i provided here and vote for on the bug i just created and comment if possible so that they would notice us. They really dont care about arabic language here. Please vote and comment in the bug so that they would notice the problem.


                                Bug#3928892 - arabic characters appear un-connected while arabic language is based on letter to letter connection. and R…

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                                  sojoudr72043224 Level 1

                                  I have the same problem,but i think this site will solve some,,

                                  Wajihah Arabic Glyphs Converter (Arrasam like)

                                  1. write the text that you want

                                  2. click convert

                                  3. copy the converted text

                                  4. paste it on the flash pro or any adobe program

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