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    Masking Hair CS6

    Luís Baptista

      Hello all,


      I'm having problems masking hair in this photos:




      As you can see, after refining edge, I come up with an area of lighter hair. How can I correct this?


      Thanks in advance!



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          rob_ashcroft Level 1

          Is that your shot? I saw it last week in a video tutorial on how to do masking. I can't find it at present, but here's another one that seems to go over the same ground. It's a little complex to explain, so watching a tutorial is best. But it does work well in CS6. Try searching 'layer mask tutorial photoshop' in Youtube as there are others.


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            Luís Baptista Level 1

            Hi rob,  The image was taken from a YouTube video on masking, but I don't remember the title. I will search YT for more videos.  Thanks  Luís