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    Best practice to integrate the external(ERP or Database etc) eCommerce data in to CQ

    snayakar Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I am refering to GEOMetrixx-Outdoors project for building eCommerce fucntionality in our project.


      Currently we are integrating with an ERP system to fetch the Product details.

      Now I need to store all the Product data from ERP system in to our CRX  under etc/commerce/products/<myproject> folder structure.


      Do I need to create a csv file structure as explained in the geometrixx-outdoors project  and place it exactly the way they have mentioned in the documentation? By doing this the csvimporter will import the data in to CRX and creates the Sling:folder and nt:unstructured nodes in to CRX?


      Please guide me  which is this best practice to integrate the external eCommerce data in to CQ system to build eCommerce projects?


      Are there any other best practices ?


      Your help in this regard is really appreciated.