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    Active area is getting closed as soon as you click anywhere during Inplace editing


      During inplace editing of Title component , if I double click at the the component

      it will open orange color active area and if I click inside the active area  it will remain  there and it will close only if I click outside the active area.

      But now when i am making a composit component which statically include two  title component and for inplace editing to work node should be present so i have created cq:template node which make two node , one for each title component. Now when I double click on any one of the title component then it is opening orange color

      active area for inplace editing and i am able to do it but active area is getting closed as soon as i click anywhere, be it inside the active area or outside the

      area, ideally it should close only when i click outside the active area. does anybody any idea on it?