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    not able to stop movie...

      I have a movie created in Captivate, and exported to Flash 8, within the Flash 8 movie I added custom control buttons. But the stop() command is not working, the movie continues playing even though I have tried and confirmed various targetPaths, and my path is correct. _level0.stop(); Any ideas why?
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          Ok, I got it to work, WOOHOO!!

          These are the instructions for pausing and play Captivate 3 SWFs (which uses its own "skin" preloader and playbar) through your own FLA.

          First here are the command controls for externally manipulating Captivate SWFs:
          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------
          set to 1 to go previous slide

          set to 1 to go to next slide

          set to 1 to pause the project

          set to 1 to resume showing a paused project

          set to 1 to rewind and stop the project

          rset to 1 to rewind and play the project

          go to a specific frame
          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------

          1. Create a Movie to be a loader for the Captivate SWF and give it an instance name (CapLoader for this example)

          2. Add AS to load the Captivate Skin SWF:

          _root.CapLoader.loadMovie("name and directory of the Cap SWF Skin file);

          3. Create a button to control the Captivate SWF

          4. To pause the Cap SWF, give the button you created the following AS:

          _root.CapLoader.cpSkinLoader_mc.rdcmndPause = 1;

          5. To Play the Cap SWF, give the button a separate state with the following AS:

          _root.CapLoader.cpSkinLoader_mc.rdcmndResume = 1;

          That's it!

          Note 2 things:
          1. Make sure the rdcmndResume and rdcmndPause have the "R" and the "P" as capital letters.
          2: Don't forget the "cpSkinLoader_mc" in the target path when passing the commands to the instance that contains the LoadMovie for the Captivate SWF.