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    Audio transcription: how to make it work?


      Hello dear Premiere users,


      I am evaluating Premiere Pro for its audio transcription feature, and I can't make it work.

      I use Windows 7 64 bits.


      My knowledge of Premiere Pro is limited so I might be missing a step.


      Here is what I do: (Since I am using a French version of Premiere Pro, some interface 'terms' may be actually different in the English version of Premiere Pro).


      • I create a Premiere project

      • In the media Explorer tab, I open a video file (720p mp4 from Youtube), of an audio file (mp3 for an Internet podcast).

      • I select the Metadata tab and I press the Analyze button > I select Audio, and Quality: High


      Adobe Media Encoder is lauched and works for some seconds or minutes (depending on the length of my file)

      It creates 3 files in C:\Users\Xxx\AppData\Local\Temp : a .cit file, an .xml file and a .txt file.

      The .txt file contains English words so something is going right.


      But no text appears in Premiere Pro, in the Metadata tab.


      What step am I missing?


      Thank you in advance,

      Roger soimosan