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    Premier elements 7.0 Invalid disc name error


      I have a user who has recently discovered that they can't burn a disc with premier 7.0. No matter what they type for a disc name it always displays invalid disc name


      I had the user try burning a project using another machine and Premier elements 10.0 and they recieved the same error. Then i logged in as myself and had the user try(succesfully) to burn a disc on Premier elements 7.0 & 10.0 and had no issues.


      The only way we have been able to burn a DVD with this users account is by first burning to a folder and then burning from that folder to a DVD. While this works it is very time and resource intensive, does anyone know of a possible fix for this error

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          For what it's worth, creating DVD files to your hard drive and then burning your disc manually does not take any more time. It's also a more reliable way to work and it makes making more than one copy of a DVD very fast and easy. I actually prefer to do it this way rather than burn directly to a disc.


          Nonetheless, it does appear, from your description, that your friend's problem is related to his account settings. Without knowing in detail if the user is set up as an administrator or what other factors are affecting his user account, it's hard to give any specific remedy.

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            patrick413 Level 1

            The user account is managed through Microsoft Active Directory, they have local admin privaleges only, and for the most part the only things saved to the local drives of the computer are the premiere projects that they create.


            If there are any details that would be helpful for me to include please let me know so i can get the best possible feedback from my post.