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    Can style sheets effect how fast edits can be made in InCopy?


      Issue has happened using both CS5 and CS6.

      InDesign user (designer) is on a Mac Pro (OS X 10.8.4)

      InCopy user (writer) is on PC (Win7sp1 64 bit)


      Normally, the workflow between InDesign and InCopy is smooth, however I’ve encountered issues when working with larger InDesign documents. The file I have issues with is 100 pages of flowed text (no images, no master pages) with 17 character styles and 24 paragraph styles.


      When the writer tries to make text edits in InCopy, it takes anywhere from 5-45 seconds to make a change (for example; deleting a space may take 5 seconds, while getting rid of a paragraph return takes 45 seconds).


      Troubleshooting this problem a few months ago, I narrowed down that the issue was coming from the style sheets in InDesign (when I ran the same text without any style sheets, the writer was able to make InCopy edits without a problem).


      I then recreated the style sheets from scratch (instead of importing them from the previous catalog like we normally do) and that seemed to fix the issue. Now, with the current catalog we just started working on, we’re running into the same problem with slow edits in InCopy. I imported the style sheets from the file that worked last time (with the new style sheets I built) but that didn’t work this time around.


      Is it possible to have a “corrupt” style sheet that would cause this issue? I’m not sure if the slowness is coming from style sheets or something else entirely. Any thoughts or suggestions on where this problem might be coming from would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for your time!