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    Document setup for flyer series


      I'm reasonably new to InDesign and completely self taught. I'm currently trying to setup my master documents for a series of double-sided flyers for my company. Each flyer will have some elements in common (basic layout, logo placement etc) but many differences (colours, text box placement, text itself). I'm trying to figure out how best to go ahead. Eventually there will be more than 20 different flyers (in a mixture of A4 and letter sizes, some docs will be exactly the same bar paper size) so I need to make sure initial setup is as organised as possible!


      Problems I have:

      • Sharing master elements between docs
      • Sharing colour swatches and text settings between docs (I have worked out how to save & import swatches but it's fairly unwieldy across large numbes of docs)
      • Getting settings to "stick" between documents (the baseline grid, aligning etc)


      Options I've considered:

      • A book for each of the A4/letter versions with each of the docs within, but I don't seem to be able to sync master pages successfully and I still have to go through repetitive actions setting up the changeable aspects of each doc like text boxes of slightly different sizes but almost identical placement. I also had some incredibly weird things happen while syncing, like the new master page setting just appearing on top of the previous master
      • A master for each paper size which I essentially duplicate then amend from there - this doesn't seem very high tech and means I have to keep importing the swatches etc every time


      Any thoughts or advice? I'm tearing my hair out, I've been watching online videos and following tutorials but I can't seem to find the right answer.