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    A lot of issues with Premiere Pro CC

    cornelius_3 Level 1

      Just like with CS 6 it was expected that there would be a lot of problems out of the gate, but why so many?  If I create a new sequence the playback is fine, when I switch back to a previous sequence with all the footage linked, it bugs out and there is no playback.  I have to restart the program every time I want to edit in a different timeline.  I would adobe would fix some of these issues before launching a new product and using us as their guinea pigs.


      I remember when CS 6 wouldn't save a project.  Talk about a show stopper.



      Does anyone else feel like this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm not seeing this on either of my two systems.  I think you're the first reporting it.

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            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

            I have not heard of any issues remotely like this either. Please provide more information. Ideally, spell out your exact workflow, as simplified as possible. How do you create the new sequences? What type of content? How do you switch from the second sequence back to first? What exactly do you mean by "with all the footage linked"?


            As to why users sometimes run into a lot of bugs in new versions of complex programs like Premiere Pro, there are several explanations:

            1. sometimes we find a bug too late in the cycle to fix it. This can have at least two forms: a) we've already passed a critical deadline and can't go back to fix it, or b) we have time to put in a fix, but the nature of the change makes it dangerous, with the potential of introducing other bugs, which we might not have time to find much less fix.
            2. sometimes we defer a bug because we think it's either a "corner case" (meaning we anticipate that few if any customers will encounter it) or a minor problem. We sometimes miscalculate in those judgments, and a bug turns out to be more prevalent or more problematic than we expected.
            3. we miss some bugs altogether. This can happen for two main reasons. (A) Complexity. Despite our best efforts, it's simply not realistic to expect us to find every bug in a program as involved as Premiere Pro. Consider all the variables that can be in play: the variety of content types, the number of tracks, the combination of effects and transitions, the presence of third-party plugins, the hardware configuration, the nearly infinite variety of workflows, the fact that some bugs do not manifest until you save and reload the project. And I could go on.
              And (B), referring back to 1b above, a change we make very late in the cycle introduces a bug that we basically didn't have time to find.


            Judging from the fact that Jim and I cannot repro your issue (at least not without more specific steps), I'll wager that we'll find it falls under 3a: that there's something special about your workflow or content or something that we haven't tested. That's not to suggest that there's anything wrong with your workflow, only that we can't test every conceivable sequence of steps.


            So the bottom line is that, yeah, brand new software versions tend to have more bugs than anyone would like. If one is game to roll with that reality and the risk that comes with it, that's great! Such early adopters can really help us flush out the bugs that slipped past us and thereby improve the quality. Those who are more risk-averse or find that banging into bugs is bad for their blood pressure and mental health would be well advised to wait for the first patch to come out. That's normally not too long a wait.


            One last point: if you want attention to a specific issue like the one you called out, I recommend giving your thread a more specific title. Conversely, if you're point is that the new version has lots of bugs, then it seems fair that you should list more than one. ;-)

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              cornelius_3 Level 1

              Maybe a little more details will help.


              2.7 GHz Core i7 Macbook Pro 9,1 (2012 Non-Retina MBP)

              16GB of Memory

              NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M


              When I open a pre-existing CS 6 Project consisting of Canon H.264, ProRes HQ, JPEG images, and simple WAV audio files, Premiere CC goes about updating and relinking the project.  Some sequences load automatically and the most recent sequence from the last time the project was saved opens and plays back just fine.  Next I create a new sequence, File> New> Sequence.  Any footage added to that sequence plays just fine.  Then if I go back to a previously opened sequence (as aforementioned above), the video cuts out and all playback ceases function for the entire project.  I then restart and it works again.  Quit premiere, open up the pre-converted CS 6 project, and all works fine.


              Footage is all being pulled from SSD drives, therefore drive speed should not be the issue.  I submit error logs through Apple and Premiere when it allows me to.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the additional info. I followed your basic steps (but with a simpler sequence--just a few Canon 5D clips) and everything worked fine.


                I'd like to probe a little deeper on what you mean by "relinking." In Premiere Pro, that has a very specific meaning: the project can't find the assets at the path where they were when you last saved the project. The relinking code and workflow have been substantially redone for the new version. One of the enhancements is that if assets are missing, it will attempt to find them; only if it doesn't find a matching file in the vicinity will it prompt you to point to the new location. So, is your content at the same path now as when you saved the project in CS6? If so, then the app isn't having to do any relinking, strictly speaking, and what I think you're referring to is the indexing process where the app is basically reconnecting to each asset on disc. This is where you see clips in the Project panel and on the Timeline going from the "media pending" placeholder to showing the actual video. I'm dwelling on this point just to make sure we're on the same page.


                Now, a couple of things to try:

                • create a new project in CC, create a sequence and add some content (keep it simple), save/close/reload, scrub the existing seq, create a second sequence, return to the first seq: does it play?
                • repeat the test above, only create the new project in CS6 instead of CC.
                • create a new project in CC. In Media Browser, find the CS6 project that's exhibiting this problem, and import one or more of the sequences. Confirm that they play, then create a new sequence and see if the imported CS6 sequence(s) still play.



                These tests will help determine how reproducible this is on your system and to isolate whether it's limited to certain CS6 projects or all CS6 projects or even extends to new CC projects.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  When I open a pre-existing CS 6 Project



                  There have been reports of issues when doing that.  General wisdom is to only work on new projects in the new software.  I second Mark's suggestion to see how things work when you start a project from scratch?

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                    Your suggestions are valid for someone who has nothing but time to beta test why the program has bugs. I have encountered the loss of playback when I go to preview clips. In addition to crashing, slow playback, the endless need to load all the clips everytime you open the project.


                    For most of us professional editors, we are on deadlines. We end up working overtime (non-paid) in attempts to sort out the technical glitches that the software has because it was released ahead of time. Why can't you just get one version working properly before you announce to the world your glitchy new time-sucking software that doesn't work.


                    This doesn't even take into account that there is no compatibility between mac and pc on the same project. That your XML creates innacurate outputs, causing loss of color and fx as well as motion keyframes.


                    I have stuck with Avid over the years because it is reliable and professional. If it weren't for some of my clients moving to Premiere I would abandon the program until it is proven worthy of professional use.  After Effects has been stellar for years, why can't you make a stable version of Premiere.


                    Even as I type I'm watching thousands of clips re-load after losing playback for the fifth time today. Already costing me 1.5 hours of valuable work time.  Please, the editing community begs the people of Adobe to just make it work and quit with the excuses.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      I'll be honest, Mike.  After reading that, I just don't feel like helping you.

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                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        I think I can understand both your response to Mike, and ... Mike's response to your well-thought-out request for clarifications above.


                        You seem to want to help, I'll grant you that. Your request for data to work from to figure out what is happening in his process was detailed, complete, and understandable ... all of which are not necessarily the case when those in the programming side of things ask for an example or testing of something. Nicely done, and I do understand how all of the details you requested would be necessary for you to attempt to isolate the problems he faces.


                        However ... from the user viewpoint, and 35+ years of making a living from working on and delivering images and now into video ... when you are WAY behind the timeline for numerous clients and software glitches keep throwing you farther behind the curve, necessarily resulting in pissed off clients ... loss of sleep ... and all that THAT entails ... um ...


                        Having someone ask you to calmly sit down, take a couple or three hours, and play around to see if you can help them "game-out" the problem is rather well past annoying. It's like the old conundrum of how to encourage ... or get ANY ... useful communications between engineers and test-pilots. The engineers would want the test-pilots to calmly note as the plane/rocket-device went all over the sky what the fifty-two dials and guages were showing as it happened. That way, they could logically go back to their slide-rules and do something.


                        The test-pilots had a slightly different view ... when the rig they were riding suddenly went awry, tumbling through the sky at such high forces that their brains would literally be scrambled if they couldn't IMMEDIATELY get out somehow without getting killed leaving the damn thing ... they weren't really in a position to calmly note the positions of the fifty-two dials and guages. And survive.


                        The engineers simply rolled their eyes at this and refused (most often) to do anything unless the pilots lived up to the engineer's expectations. We got some dead pilots and some programs killed simply because of deadlocked processes between engineers and pilots.


                        I hope you'll take the time to read through all the above ... count to a hundred past this if you need ... and then see if you can appreciate Jim's problems and accept he's not going to be really full up on time to help puzzle this out ... yet still desperately needs help. I've been there many times myself.



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                          shooternz Level 6



                          You came in on the back of someone elses post (issue) and in your first ever post without asking for any assistance for your self..you are having a go at those that are offering help to the O.P


                          What do you want.. a fight or issue assistance?


                          Why not start your own thread. 

                          We know nothing of your Premiere issue and I assure you..its likely to be mostly unique to you because Premiere works perfectly for thousands of others (including me)

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                            MikeWech Level 1


                            I'm not asking for help. I was simply replying to the thread that Adobe Premiere CC has A LOT OF ISSUES.  I've already spent four hours on the line with Adobe tech support and even have their senior staff addressing the issues I've encountered. They have a copy of the project file and no answers as to why Premiere is so buggy. I've lost at least 50-60 hours of editing time on a feature film that the producers started to edit in Adobe.


                            As of today, Adobe does not have the support or ability to work on large scale projects across multiple platforms. That's simply the fact and I'm hoping and praying that Adobe finally gets the issues resolved with a new patch. We ALL know that this is needed. Will Premiere 7.02 be stable, will Adobe Anywhere deliver on it's bold promises and displays at NAB.  Let's hope so. The world does not need more buggy software, we need better software.


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                              shooternz Level 6

                              Its not buggy for thousands of users who are basically issue free and getting the job done fine.  Maybe you got the special edition buggy version!


                              Seems strange you wont let us know your circumstances but you are prepared to have a little futile rant.

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                                MikeWech Level 1

                                Nice sarcastic jab shoots. I'd be happy to let you know the circumstances.


                                I received a Premiere Pro CS6 project file along with three raid drives from my client.

                                I work on a mac, the client was on PC.  We are working on a feature film. I am on CC.


                                After having to re-link due to mac-pc drive naming issues (this is understandable) a lot of data from the pc did not transfer to the mac. I was on CC, they were on CS6. I upgraded their project to CC and began cutting.


                                When I sent the file back to the PC, it would not open. It said it was corrupt. After re-linking 12,000 files it would crash. I rebooted and tried three more times before calling tech support.  I was on the phone with tech support for four hours, even giving them control of my computer to try to figure out the problem and why the file would not open back on the pc.  They suggested using the XML to output and re-import into the pc. 


                                The XML lost most of the metadata from the mac, including motion fx, color, sound mix, keying, etc... There were thousands of these errors and missing data across the entire film.


                                We finally re-opened the original pc file and decided to re-do everything that was done on the mac losing three days of editing. The original file still randomly crashes with a "serious" error 3-4 times a day.  Playback from the pc is intermittent and will often freeze in the program or preview window when playing.  Ripple and trim edits are often delayed as the program tries to catch up with the large amounts of data it attempts to process. If the computer is idle for more than five minutes playback will freeze causing re-boot. 


                                My clients agreed that they have prepared for this and warned me that they crash 5-6 times a day.


                                In addition, the program needs to re-load the 12,000 clips every time it opens. Without letting them flush through and load, the program is unstable to edit and often will not have video or audio playback. Load time is 15-20 minutes.  With 3-4 random crashes thats an hour of lost time.  So far today, I've had 7 work stoppages and plenty of time to type this as I wait for yet another re-load of the film.


                                Maybe your millions of users are doing pro-sumer or home video, web video or short form work with pro-sumer cameras and Premiere CC may work fine for that. 


                                But when editing a 4k feature film with high end cameras, lots of data, visual effects and chroma-key Premiere is not ready for prime-time. It is simply the fact now. Defend it all you want, but v 7.02 will address multiple programming issues that are prevelant in this current version of the software. Without cross-platform support, proper XML, EDL and OMF output, preservation of metadata and integration into online finishing systems, this is not suitable for professional use.

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                                  shooternz Level 6

                                  Thanx for posting the circumstances.


                                  I dont know how many of the "thousands" of  users have ever tried cross platform and cross version return workflows but maybe some one will chip in with their experience.


                                  Hopefully someone editing long form projects  will comment as well.

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                                    MikeWech Level 1

                                    In addition we've also discovered Premiere Pro can not handle outputting ProRes 4:4:4 to HDCAM SR decks without dropping frames.  Online systems like Digital Vision's Nukoda and DaVinci Resolve have compatibility issues with Premiere files and Premiere's XML functionality for ingest is weak at best. Long form projects need to be broken up into Clusters and re-assembled.


                                    This is simply a warning for filmmakers and television producers who need the high end functionality that was promised to us by Adobe. We anxiously want to adopt your products into our workflow. With Final Cut abandoning the pro market, you have a chance to win us over.


                                    If you want a pro-sumer, home video market like Apple, then please sell your goods as such. Professionals depend on your software and these features to do our jobs. Your failure to deliver costs us time, money, relationships, lost time with family and hardship you would never want to go through to complete a project. It takes a toll to be your unpaid beta testers. 


                                    When our producers and companies spend millions to create our product, we expect your products to meet the demands of your sales pitch. I feel sorry for the programmers who are pressed by Adobe to meet deadlines caused by the marketing team which force them to deliver software before it should go to market. This practice needs to stop and their needs to be strict regulation from the government and laws that protect consumers from lost time and wages due to negligence on a software providers behalf.


                                    Technology should enhance our lives, not control it.

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                                      I'd like to echo what Mike is saying. I'm a supe at production company. We work on a range of projects with a range of cameras. We've encountered almost every single bug mentioned in this thread and then some. I've recently discovered clips that I believe to have been corrupted by Premiere. My guess is from the metadata writing. I've never in my years seen a video program modify the original file and, furthermore, corrupt it. This has caused me to cease work on a large project because I'm scared to allow our editors to open Premiere.


                                      We've had the playback issue where you have to jump back and forth between sequences to get the timeline to play. The constant metadata writing slows down our systems considerably. Playback through our AJA Kona card has been spotty at best, and getting the audio to playback properly has been an issue on occasion.


                                      All these problems are intermittent. We've done re-installs, clean installs of the OS, tried multiple different OS versions, etc. All this leads to a general feeling of mistrust towards Premiere and Adobe. Every time we have a client session for a broadcast spot I have to make sure our edit suite works and will not crap out when they're here.


                                      This is not how I want to work as a professional. I think we're at the point where software should not get in our way. For all it's flaws, and it had many, Final Cut never caused me to distrust it. We made the decision to move on once we knew the writing was on the wall. Now I miss Final Cut. Don't even get me started on media management. Just yesterday we opened a project from our first editor on our second editor's computer and all the media was offline. This is just hours after the first editor had cut five videos in the same project. We've also had some inexplicable issues with files not being saved on this same project.


                                      These are justified concerns and issues. Just because every user isn't having the same issues doesn't make them any less true.



                                      (because someone will ask here's a rundown of our setup)


                                      Shared storage over gigabit ethernet using AFP.

                                      Mac Pro's and iMac. Currently all on Mountain Lion (10.8.2) but we've tried Mavericks and Lion with the same issues. Clean installs on all computers. CS6 is installed too. We've seen the same problems across all these setups, though the corruption and save issues only with CC.

                                      One computer running a BMD Decklink card and one using AJA Kona 3G.

                                      Using mostly ProRes but occasionally use H264. We've had mostly bad results with native H264 so for all big jobs we convert everything to ProRes.

                                      Primarily work with Alexa ProRes, FS700 to Pix ProRes, RED offlined to ProRes, and DLSR H264 converted to ProRes.

                                      1 Lead editor and one junior, one colorist/finisher.

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                                        MFCdesigns Level 1

                                        Just came across this thread.. I know it a from a few months ago, but I'm currently experiencing similar issues.

                                        I've got a large project - 11,000 file of mixed RED, AVCHD, H.264 footage.  Every time I load the project it has to load the media and it takes FOREVER!  Sometimes not even finding media that was there only an hour before (if Premiere crashes and I'm forced to restart).  I've been noticing how poorly Premiere handles large projects, and it seems like other people are having similar issues.

                                        I dread a crash as it takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes for it to load the project and all of the footage again.

                                        Has there been any forward movement on handling large projects?  I'm currently on CC and have downloaded CC 2014, but waiting to migrate until after some of our large projects are done.  My specs are below.


                                        Storage: Shared media server via Gigabit ethernet connection


                                        Computer: iMac 27" 3.4 GHZ i7, 32GB Ram, OSX 10.8.5, Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2


                                        Media: ProRes HQ 422, RED Raw, AVCHD, H.264

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                                          MikeWech Level 1

                                          There are a lot of issues with all editing systems right now and Premiere Pro has it's share. I just finished a large scale feature on Premiere with 700 vfx shots and 30,000 clips. we went through the same problems on the load. Believe it or not Premiere Pro CS6 loads about 4-5x quicker.

                                          Our other main issues on the film were conforming the cut for online color and sharing the project between computers, especially mac and pc. This was a nightmare. I have not had any major projects on CC 2014, only trailers and so far it is working decently, a few crashes here and there.

                                          The problem with Premiere is that it re-loads the media on every open, which is maddening. Avid has AMA linking issues and Final Cut, well we all know that story.  If possible download CS6 and try to edit in that. If you have the Cloud membership, you can get it off the Adobe website.

                                          The problem with all these video editing software programs is that they are made for the youtube video maker or single user who works and finishes all within the software package. 

                                          Good luck,

                                          Mike Wech Author/Producer/EditorSEVEN-Xwww.seven-x.com

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                                            MFCdesigns Level 1

                                            Hey Mike-

                                            Thanks for your reply and explaining your experience with Premiere.  I do have CS6, but unfortunately the project is CC and already has most of the edit cut on it.  It would suck to start from scratch in CS6.

                                            I'm hoping CC 2014 will address some of these issues.  It kind of defeats the purpose of have a Creative Cloud subscription only to use the old software.  Not sure why things that work great in CS6 fail or work terribly in CC and beyond.



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                                              Paul30 Level 1

                                              I'm having the same issues.  Adobe Premiere seems to have a lot of bugs every time I do an update and it's killing my productions!  On their latest update when I apply the warp stabilizer and render, it begins to glitch like the program is having a seizer.  I used FCP and Avid and have to admit they are WAY more solid.  I've never experienced such a buggy Editing program before!

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                                                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                                If you are on the recently released 2014.1 update, please go to File>Project Settings>General. If Renderer is set to use GPU acceleration, switch it to Software Only.

                                                If that solves the problem for you, please report two things:

                                                1. whether GPU acceleration was enabled and working properly prior to updating
                                                2. the model of graphics card and the driver version.
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                                                  Paul30 Level 1

                                                  Ok that worked.