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    Can't add synonym that contains a hyphen

    MM Acton Level 1

      The software I'm documenting refers to both email and e-mail. I was searching for something using the Search tab (in the compiled help) the other day and couldn't find it. To my surprise, searching for email versus e-mail produces different results.


      I figured I would work around it by mapping a synonym. (File > Project Settings, then click Advanced, and then click the Synonym tab.)


      I entered email, and then tried to add the synonym e-mail.  I got this error message:


      "Synonym editor cannot map phrases. Please provide single word."


      Is there any way around this? The only thing I can think of is to do a global search, find all the topics with either, and enter index entries for both email and e-mail.


      I am using RH 9.


      added RH9 to the tag list.