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    F6 Short Cut Broke

    tigapa Level 1
      Frustrated with CC! Please Help!

      Photoshop CC has lost it's mind!

      --Shift+F6 - Flips Horizontal instead of feather

      --All the F-Key shortcuts screwed up...I've checked setting and they are correct. I've checked my keyboard..all is correct.

      I can run my CS5 and all works great! Nothing in Photoshop CC is working properly. I have rebooted and still nothing.

      This is so frustrating....With CS6 editing was a joy...but since going with CC editing is an frustrating ordeal....

      I've searched the web for ways to fix this...and nothing helps...Please HELP Adobe...I have work to do and since going to CC I have lots HOURS and HOURS dealing with this mess you call the cloud.