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    Change menue & Save with Bkg animation

    Marvin Nauman

      1. I downloaded & installed Content/Funtional Libarary.

      2. I selected the "Fantasy Sky Menue" (Entertainment) because it has an animated background.

      3. Exported to Photoshop... Modified Menue Button Names.

      4. Did a "Save As" to "Dance" so it would show up in the Menue so I could select it in the future.


      Here's the problem... "How do I also save the .M2V animation file that is attached to the origional "Fantasy Sky Menue" to my newly named "Dance" Menue... and have it connected so that when I select "Dance"... the .m2v file also shows up in the "Project" tab with the "Dance" menue?



      Some of the Content/Funtional Libarary have an Icon with the top right edge folded over... I assume this is to tell us this Menue has an animated BKG.   The "Fantasy Sky Menue" is of these... it's why I like it & modified it for future use. 

      What does the "Star" symble signify in the Bottom Right Corner on some Menues?