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    "Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error" or program crash when rendering

    ERP12 Level 1

      I just built a new PC because my Macbook Pro couldn't render fast enough. Now that I have built this brand new computer, I can't render at all! I render once and get the "Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error" and if I try to render again, the program crashes.


      My files are not corrupt as I can render them without problems on my laptop (just slowly) and on a friend's PC. I can export fine but the project I am working in is currently very small. I have 450gb of space and when using After Effects, rendering is a breeze. I have restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing seems to be doing the trick.


      I feel like this must be a bug in Premiere Pro CC. Has anyone had this problem and/or come up with any solutions?