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    Premiere Pro CC has a BUG (glitches) when playing XDCAM EX and XDCAM footage

    MaoSoto Level 1

      I work with XDCAM EX footage and since I upgraded to CC all the footage now plays with glitches.  Sometimes it just shows green.  In addition to it the audio goes out of sync if you continue playing.

      I did some research and other people are reporting the same issue but with XDCAM footage.

      Adobe, please fix this bug.  I can't edit anything like this.  Also in the mean while let us, creative cloud members reinstall CS6.  I can't just sit for days waiting for a fix.

      I'll try a doing a clean reinstall of everytjing in the computer but if issue this persists, by tomorrow I'll have to switch back to Final Cut X.