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    Bridge CC *much slower* than CS6 - anyone else?

    Douglas Weittenhiller

      We've been using bridge since CS5 as part of our workflow, and have upgraded computers along the way to support the demands of larger file sizes (we now use D800s with 36Mpix files) and software upgrades.


      A typical workflow on a top-end Retina MacBook Pro or top-end iMac includes loading full screan previews in Bridge, culling, and opening to ACR and then Photoshop for post-production with a large amount of PS being batch operations. Going from CS5 to CS6 "felt" faster doing the same things we did in each. Upgrading from D700 cameras to D800 camera "felt" slower until we upgraded computers. Now going from CS6 to CC "feels" slower. Significantly. So much so I ran a test on the Retina MBP (latest OS, 2.6GHz quad processor, SSD, etc)


      Open & Process Full Screen Previews for 100 NEF Files

      CS6: 4 min 15 sec

      CC: 5 min 22 sec


      Run ACR Adjustments on 100 NEF files as Batch

      CS6: 2 min 15 sec

      CC: 2 min 51 sec


      Run Batch on 100 NEF files with 174-Step Action

      CS6: 6 min 13 sec

      CC: 12 min 44 sec



      To ensure it wasn't just the Retina MBP, I did a similar range of tests on the iMac (latest OS, 3.4GHz quad processor, SSD, etc), and the approximate ratio of slow-down in within the range of standard deviation.


      Loading is confirmed to both "feel" slower as well as actually be slower. So, too, is running batches. A lot slower. We're downgrading back to CS6 for now since this is unacceptable. However, the questions remains - is anyone else seeing these slowdowns?