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    Auto save frequency is not respected




      just to mention I think the time between each auto save is not respected. It was set at 5 minutes in my project. I've created the project at 21:00 and work on it till 21:39 and my cat push the reset buton (Yes it's true... ). So my computer restart, I go the auto save folder and only get 2 files last one from 21:20


      When the computer restart I have already finished with the multicam monitor (I see one thread maybe related to that, but not sure).


      (Just to mentionned maximum project version is set to 5)


      Is this a normal behaviour ?


      info :

      Premiere pro CC 6.0.3

      Project 1080p 25i/s

      Multi cam : 2



      Computer :

      Proc : core i7 2600k

      MB : P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

      RAM : 4x4GB

      Video : Asus GTX 670


      Thanks for reading !