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    Flash CC not compatible with Flash 6 (buggy swfs)?


      I recently started a new animation job and the entire studio is using Flash 6. I wanted to get some extra work done at home, so I bought Flash CC under the assumption that I could use the files again at work. I completed a scene over the weekend, no issues, brought it in to the studio this morning and the file refuses to export a swf. As soon as I attempt to test the scene, Flash freezes for a good ten minutes, and the .swf eventually comes up lacking all tweens and some keys, with symbols missing colours and parts, and once the .swf is closed, the .fla now has all of the same issues (tweens gone, symbols messed up). Before exporting the .swf, the file looks just as it should. All tweens are there, all symbols look fine, the thing scrubs perfectly. The act of exporting the .swf seems to be what causes the issue.


      Studio tech guy suggested it might have something to do with CC's publish settings, but I'm looking at them now and they're the same (with the exception of Actionscript 3).


      I further tested the scene in my old CS 5.5 Flash and it worked flawlessly in that. Only 6 seems to be having issues.


      Any thoughts?