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    JavaScript syntax error preventing animation [Mismatched braces]


      I am creating a webpage in Animate, and everything was going fine until the animation quit working.  I even had code for the page to center, and it all just came undone.  I took a look at the code and noticed:


      Syntax error at line 132:  Mismatched braces,


      This is what is at line 132:


      })(jQuery, AdobeEdge, "EDGE-16966832");


      Nothing on this line has ever changed, and this is put in by Animate, not me.  Has anyone run in to this error before?


      Same deal in another section, Stage:


      Syntax error at line 101 on "Stage""Mismatched braces


      This is what is at line 101:




      The thing is, this is the same code written on other Animate files.  I looked to compare, and it is all the same.  So what is causing the error here?