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    How do I tag my MP4, MPG and AVI home video files ?


      Hi all
      I have our family home movies from the last 15 years or so in AVI, MPG and more recently h.264 MP4 formats.  Almost all created in various Premier versions.  Most recently CS6.

      I also have many DVD's created via Encore.


      I am about to get a SMART TV and will , at last, be able to play these files from a NAS (DLNA) onto TV.


      Quesiton is... can I TAG my movie files. ie. Add Metadata as per MP3 and JPG etc.. 
      If yes, then what software can i use to tag these files.

      I basically want to put a user friendly name onto the files to allow easy selection, search etc via a Smart TV or PC interface.


      Many thanks