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    Web rendition max size


      I'm trying to create custom rendition sizes above the default of 1280px but any new rendition created with dimensions set higher still saves as 1280px wide or high.


      This is easy to reproduce:

      1. Open the DAM Update workflow model: http://localhost:4502/etc/workflow/models/dam/update_asset.html
      2. Double-click the "Create Web Enabled Rendition" step
      3. Click the "Process" tab
      4. Modify the dimensions from 1280:1280 to 2000:2000
      5. Click "Save"
      6. Upload an image to the DAM


      When viewing this newly uploaded image, you'll see a rendition called "cq5dam.web.2000.2000.jpeg" but when you double-click on the rendition it displays an image with a max width or height of 1280 (whichever was higher in the original).


      I wasn't able to find the max limit in the felix configuration manager. Is there another way to modify this value or is it hardcoded somewhere?


      I'm running CQ 5.5.


      Thanks for your time!