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    Migrated to CF9 and now have CFCACHE problems

    weezerboy Level 1

      I have been page caching on my site for years using this code:



      <cfcache timespan="#CreateTimespan(10, 0, 0, 0)#" directory="D:/websites/mysite/cache/" stripWhiteSpace="true">


      This worked great -  it would keep a cached copy in the cache directory and would stay cached for 10 days.
      Good stuff!!


      Now I've had to switch servers and up to CF9. I still want to cache my pages but I just cant seem to get it right.


      I am now using this code


      <cfcache timespan="#CreateTimespan(10, 0, 0, 0)#"  useQueryString ="true" stripWhiteSpace="true">


      But the pages dont cache in the cache directory and they dont seem to load faster as if they were cached.


      Am I doing his right?


      Am I even caching the pages?


      I'd like to keep a copy in my cache directory is that possible?