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    Premiere CS5.5 export format Quicktime only has DV presets


      I have scoured the forums, Google, Bing, everything for an answer to this problem I am having. 


      I'll get right down to it.  Quicktime is chosen as the format in the Export window.  The only presets available are:


      NTSC DV

      NTSC DV Widescreen

      NTSC DV Widescreen 24p

      NTSC DV 24p

      PAL DV Widescreen

      PAL DV


      I've found pictures online of other peoples Quicktime presets, and it seems I'm missing all of the H.264 ones. 


      I'm working on a PC with HDV material only.  All updates have been installed.  I have also installed the Avid 2.3.7 codecs, which I believe have to work inside this Quicktime container, but they won't look too good when they're DV...  The Avid codecs are showing up correctly under Video Codec drop down.  I have installed nothing other than Production Premium CS 5.5, Quicktime, and the Avid codecs.


      Please, please help!