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    Downloading Photoshop CC

    Johanna Mulder

      I would love to download the trial Photoshop CC. But when I push the button "download trial" the next link appears in Safari: aam://SAPCode=PHSP?productVersion=14.0?passPhrase=jlcsG7a4heE8GGdiLMh/KLRDxmRzLbnSOq7ezH3 Sskkp5oqoOqKXUoDVxAUrvETGfg8ikanM8+xOXV8rO+71sfsdA20bxeHLAjzd/3AbHhurjW7ED2L+ITwpuLg/c6HCV o1i+0/I+uP7jq5j/7FQgj7G2yXI5QWSjZZPGHMs+LA=

      and it says that Safari cannot open this page. In other words, I cannot download this trial. Anybody knows why? I can download all the other trials, except this one. Thank you!