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    Indesign CC Hangs During Printing...

    Keith Wing

      I have large files that I print out for a client regularly and they are generally between 500-2000 12"x18" pages in InDesign. With CS6 I had to print 30 pages at a time then relaunch the ID before sending another 30. If I tried to send more or didn't close out the program I would get garbled data on the printer. With ID CC I am now able to send around 100 pages at a time and I never get garbled data. The only problem is that if I send much more than 100 it just hangs with the print box on the screen. I even left it overnight and it hadn't moved past 132 pages in the most recent case. I was only running with 6GB of RAM in the machine, which I upgraded this afternoon, but I would think that virtual memory would be used if it was needed more memory. I haven't tried printing it since I upgraded to 48GB of RAM. Any thoughts on this?