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    Mobile PDF signing


      So I have been trying to create a "service report" for our company. I created a form with forms central, and all in all I just love the way it works. I tried doing it via excel and importing into reader to create a form. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but it would never read all my text boxes I had in excel. Then I would have to create text fields, which would be dozens! Forms has been really worth it now!


      Anyways I am trying to iron out small details now. The PDF is built, and functions awesome except for a few "minor?" things.


      1)This form is going to be distributed amoung a bunch of my workers, so they can fill out electronically on a tablet or phone. I do want to have signatures in there, which I can make happen. The few problems I am having is although the signature is created on the tablet or phone it never wants to show up when the office computer accesses the new saved file. I also want it to be able to be recognized on office computer in the actual signature space. Not just a "picture" that is displayed on the screen. Just for lockout pourposes mainly. We will have customer signatures on site, I want to be able to lock out all fields once it has been signed. So I am not sure if once I can get the desktops to recognize a mobile signature, if it will all just fall into place or not.


      2)I have been looking into this whole echosign thing, but no matter how hard I try I can't find it anywhere on the mobile adobe reader app. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I am on the latest version. Just trying to see if it would be a better way for distribution. Basically now, the easiest way I can find of doing it is this: We have the "orignal" file on a google drive, that would then have to be saved to each device in order to edit of course. From there you would have to duplicate the file and rename it to your job and date. Then it could be uploded back into drive where the office can access it at anytime.


      3)*edit* I also seem to have an issue when I try and put my signature options in. When I go to select the fields for read-only portion it won't select any checkboxes or anything. When I select select all it will select them, but as soon as I hit ok it all goes away and nothing happens!


      Any input is MUCH appreciated. I tried doing a search but could really not find my answer.


      thanks in advance!