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    Some weird para styling I can't figure out or break...

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      I got  document from someone and it comes with many para and char styles loaded. Weird thing is when I highlight some text and use shortcuts to increase the line spacing (I set it to 0.5pt increments in prefs) the linespacing doesn't change until about three increases at which point it jumps up to double or triple line spcing. Then it doesn't increase any more after that when increasing the linespacing number in the tool bar or using keyboard shortcuts.


      I have measured using some plain text I typed in another frame in same font as going from 12pt to 24pt (so yes exactly double!). I thought maybe this is because of some combination of frame/column settings/balancing combination so I cut some text out and put it into a new frame in a new doc. Same issue. So I unlinked the Para Style, no change (as you'd expect).


      Got me stumped...  here is a link to a simple document with a sample of the text that is effected so. I've unlinked it from styles but they still exist in document.


      The fonts in the text are Century School book (or New Century schoolbook is same/simmillar and when I opened my Century in Suitcase InDesign didn't accept it I had to replace Century with Century) and Calibri (yuk!).