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    CF7 and Flex2

      We are using a legacy application created in CF7. Linking to new FLEX app I'm passing two items and need to encrypt them, just so the user can't see what the Name Value Pairs are. I then need to be able to decrypt them in the AS of the SWF. Anyone have any thoughts on how this should or can work? Or if you have other, better suggestions please send them along.

      Thanks in advance
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          Are you passing them into the Flex app? Or are they just used to call the Flex app? Do they need to be able to be reconverted when they reach their destination?

          For example, http://www.ebrentnelson.com/sendVars.php?var1=asdwefsdas&var2=eregdfgvcbcv

          Do you want to be able to pull var1 and var2 down and convert them to "hello" and "world"? (I just made those strings up.)

          Or do you want to check them against something? Does var1 == database value?

          If you need the later, you might want to simply try to MD5 hash your values. There are AS3 classes that provide this functionality for within Flex and Coldfusion can do it with the Hash() function. (Beware though that Coldfusion capitalizes the result of the function.)
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            gmurnock Level 1
            HI Brent,
            Yes I'm passing them into FLEX and need to convert back to "hello" and "world".