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    Problem with single-sided transitions/non-centered transitions


      In Pr CS6 when I try to apply a single-sided transition to the end of a clip it acts like a double-sided one. When I apply a dip to black to the end of a clip and the alignment is set to end at cut it fades to black then back to the clip, the black part is still centered at the middle of the transition instead of the end. Does the same with the audio transition exponential fade. Same thing happens if the transition is placed between two clips but is not centered ie. if I try to have a long fade out then a quick fade in on the next clip then the fade is centered on the transition instead of being centered between the two clips. Only way I have found to apply it correctly is to create a gap between the clips, apply the transitions then delete the gap. I am sure it was not always this way. Anyone know whats wrong?




      Edit: Ok, have found that I can solve the single sided issue by holding the control key while placing it (I am still sure it used to work without needing to hold control) however non-centered transitions are still a problem, with the dip to black I can just apply two one-sided transitions, although it is an annoying extra step needed but it works, but with any other transition this won't work.