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    Page level locking vs Field level locking


      In my application, I have a page with some fields and a button.

      1.Per requirement I need to lock each and every field present on this page. However, button should not get locked as this has script written on click event to unlock the fields present on the same page.

      For locking all the fields: Form.Page.access = "protected"  --- this is working fine

      Now to unlock the button: Form.Page.OverRide.access = ""; -- this is not working. Button still locked. I printed the status of the button on console and it shows as open.


      2. If I try to lock each and every field individually, few fields are not getting locked and still remains editable. I have checked written code is correct.

      My second question is how to locked all the fields without locking a button present on th same page level?