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    Student deciding what Laptop to go with.

    Analogue Blacksheep

      Hello, first time posting here from the UK! For the past year I have been looking at a replacement for my current three year old laptop and I cannot seem to decide what would suit me the best. I will be going on to university in a few months’ time to do a digital art course where I will need a good laptop to work from. My budget stands at £1500 (although due to my interest in enthusiast computers re-emerging I seem to be willing to go a little higher by £250) and I am aiming to buy it around September/October time. I would like this laptop to last me a little longer then my current one so I have been keeping future proofing in mind such as looking at models with mid-end Haswell I7 processors.


      Originally I had been looking at going with a gaming laptop from either MSI (GT60 and GT70 models) or Asus (G75VW and VX models) due their high specifications and cooling systems, but after doing some further research I have since learned that for my purposes it would be better going with a workstation laptop with a Quadro graphics card rather than one with a Geforce card.


      Presently I am leaning towards going with a Lenovo W530 after reading a few good reviews about it, but I would like to know if there any other options in the market that would fit the bill. Plus any ideas on how to configure it without blowing my budget too much?


      P.S (Not sure about Dells after having a terrible experience with one a few years back, while my current laptop is a HP Pavilion that seems to have its moments.)