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    ACA or ACE?


      This may sound like a silly question.... Is there a differece between an Adobe Certified Associate and an Adobe Certified Expert? I was looking at http://www.adobe.com/education/resources/certificate-programs.edu.html. This page refers to ACA and ACE at times as though the terms are interchangable. I was recently in a discussion with someone and they asked if I was an ACE. I replied that I am not an ACE but an ACA. Neither of us could figure out the difference or even if there is a difference. Can someone clarify...

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, the site says it: "Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification demonstrates professional-level skills. Industry recognized, the ACA certification validates basic, entry-level skills in digital communications using Adobe tools." ACE: professional level skills validation; ACA: Basic, Entry Level Skills. Hope this helps.

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            Garrett Wheat

            Not sure if this is this is the right location to pose this question, but I've searched and can't find a clear answer.  I was told by someone (not Adobe) that if one passed (3) ACA Exams, they could earn an overall ACE Certification.  Is this true?  When I've searched for anything regarding this, it seems like each program has an ACA and an ACE exam and to be a "Master" in one area, you have to pass the ACE Exams for those specific programs.



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              To my knowledge, Certiport does declare one to be an Adobe Certified Associate Specialist when a certain 3 ACA certifications are obtained. Here is a quote from their website, "It is a valuable credential that validates one's skills and knowledge in select categories of Adobe digital-media software applications. It does not require an additional exam. When an individual earns three qualifying ACA certifications, that individual will be awarded an ACA Specialist certificate for a select digital-media category."