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    I recently bought CS6,


      I recently bought CS6 from TheTechKings.com, they decided without reference to me to register it 'IN MY NAME' from their website.

      despite me requesting details of this registration they will not supply it and I cannot get any support from Adobe until I can prove it is my license,

      Any ideas how to get it under my control

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          Well, shall I spell out the obvious?: You have been had. Sorry to hit you with that, but if it sounds too good to be true, then it's a fraud and that site has the typical markings of that all over the place. They are trying too hard to look legit, yet all they offer is downloads of (cracked) software. You will never hear anything from them again now that they have your money. Contact Adobe to report the piracy, try to reclaim your payment with your credit card company and forget the whole experience, then sign up with Creative Cloud or buy directly from Adobe when you have recovered.



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            I purchased Adobe Acrobat XI through The Tech Kings last year (9th July 2013), and I talked to Adobe about the license that I purchased asking why I couldn't add it to my Adobe Account. They weren't very helpful - all they said is it was a Volume License and that I couldn't transfer it to my account. Nothing about, that's a volume license, therefore you have most likely been scammed by purchasing this. Now the License has stopped working, and the website http://www.thetechkings.com has been shut down. Bit disappointed as it was cheaper than Adobe to purchase (they claimed they were a reseller), but not that cheap to buy a license through them - $228.48 AUD so it did not set off a big flag - like it was a scam. I also did a fair amount of research to find out if anyone else was duped by them and nothing came up on searches.