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    Cairngorm and sockets just a question

      I have recently started to learn Flex and have started to use the Cairngorm architecture and was wondering how do sockets come into play?

      I understand the whole service request model where you send the command along to the service and request the data from the remote object, httpservice, etc. However I wanted to use a socket to connect to a Java server for a simple learning exercise and I was somewhat puzzled as how to do this using the Cairngorm architecture .

      The way I had originally thought and implemented and it works is to inside the "SocketConnection.as" class when I respond to a DataEvent ( ie something coming in on the socket ) I create an "Event" which I had registered with the "Front Controller" which inturn calls a "Command" which calls a "Delegate" which then updates the "Model Locator". So ultimately I seem to be ignoring the result and possibly fault aspects of the "Commands" to send and receive.

      My overall question is are sockets a viable option in the Cairngorm architecture and if so what is the best way to use them?

      Thanks in advance for any responses

      Tomas Pawliuk