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    Can I downgrade a project file from CC to CS6 and get back to editing.

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      I started a project in Premiere Pro CC, in hopes that the program would do what I needed and that bugs would be at a minimum.  Perhaps I could even participate in these forums to help make Premiere better by offering up my beta testing insights to the community.  Now, after having paid my tithe in time to Adobe and having experienced several issues, a few crashes and a show-stopping issue (either a Multi-cam issue or an AVCHD spanning issue; I'm not sure), I'm ready to humble my appetite for the bleeding-edge technology and go back to CS6 so I can simply finish my project and pay the bills. 


      The new CC features are and/or will be AWESOME when the kinks are all worked out.  In the mean time, how can I revert my CC project file back to a CS6 project file?