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      I am having trouble attaching a file to my form.  I click on the Add File tab and when I click on "select file" button nothing happens.  How do I attach the file?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Let's see if I can help you out.  A few questions:

          It sounds like you might be trying to attach a file while authoring the form on the Design tab in FormsCentral.  Is that what you are trying or are you filling out the HTML web form and trying to click "Select File" there?


          If you are trying to attach in the Design tab of the form that is not supported, you cannot attach files to the form as the author when authoring, the "File Attachment" is for when users are filling out the form so they can submit an attachment to the author.


          Now, if you are having issues with filling out a form and attaching a file can you tell me what operating system (Mac/Windows) and what web browser (and version) you are using?  Have you tried another web browser?  Is javascript disabled on the web browser?  I'll do my best to figure out what is going on if the select file isn't working in the Web Form.




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            maeevents Level 1

            Hi Josh,


            Thank you.  I was in the Design Tab and trying to attach a form.  I thought I could attach the conference agenda.  Thanks for clarifying.





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