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    CF10 freezes after running a few days


      We recently upgraded to Coldfusion 10 on our production system, and have been running into issues getting it to remain stable under full load.


      Initially, the issue was it would run out of memory with the error message:

      java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

      ...and would stop responding to requests soon after, requiring a restart.


      Looking for help on this error resulted in suggestions to increase the memory that CF can use for its heap and permanent generation.  However, applying these changes to our server (one, the other or both) actually makes the problem worse:


      The server still locks up just as frequently, but without any error messages; instead, it also prevents Apache from serving even static documents.  As before, restarting the coldfusion server fixes this.


      We've reached the point where we now restart the service nightly, but this feels like a stopgap solution and wasn't necessary a year ago, when we had much less memory available (and were using the much older Coldfusion MX 7).


      Our system runs Ubuntu 12.04 over 16 AMD processors (64-bit), with 16GB of memory.  There doesn't seem to be any reason for this to be an issue, yet somehow it is...


      (Our previous system used 4 processors and 1GB of memory, and ran fine a year ago.)


      Has anyone encountered this type of issue where increasing the heap and/or perm size did not solve the problem?  Have you discovered any other solutions?