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    Make spellcheck treat reference numbers as not part of a word?

    alanomaly Level 1

      Is there any way to make InDesign's spellcheck ignore note references in words - for example, by character style, or just making it treat changes in character style mid-word as a new word?


      InDesign's spellcheck is... not exactly cutting edge. One of its quirks is, in a sentence like this (imagine the 4 is superscript)...

      Some words2 in some text have references. Someb have footnotes.

      ...it will flag up "words2" and "Someb" as incorrect spelling. In documents with lots of references and/or footnotes, this is a big pain, and it can also cause errors: for example if you are setting text that contains typos and you correct-all on a typo "thisa" from a chunky-fingered author accidently hitting "s" and "a" at the same time, it could also remove the note reference from thisa - damaging the content in a way which a proofreader would struggle to spot unless they knew the content inside out.


      I've tried setting the language of the footnote/reference/endnote character styles to "no language", but it doesn't make any difference. It seems like the language of the first letter of a word decides the language of the whole word - it seems it's not smart enough to realise that if a word is in English and the last character is not in any language, then that last character isn't part of the English word.


      It might be possible to create some crazy GREP rule that applies 'no language' style to any word containing a number - but ideally, if I have some text " Some wrods2 in some text" I want spell check to flag up that the part of "wrods2" that is a set to the English language is spelt wrongly.


      If the spell check feature is one of these ancient things Adobe has long ago abandorned caring about, maybe there's some other way, e.g. to use character styles to add some kind of zero-space word breaking whitespace to the start of each reference/footnote character style?