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    InDesign CS5 file crashed. Recovery available but recovery cannot locate the file.




      InDesign CS5 for Mac

      MacPro 10.8.4


      I have a user who had a file crash last night. When he tried to recover the document via the auto-recovery his document opened in the state it was in prior to him doing lots of work.

      Unfortunately he went back to work on the document and saved his new work.


      Today he asked me to help him. The auto-recovery dialog is presented when launching InDesign but upon attempting recovery I am met with a message stating the file cannot be found. The file remains in the folder it has always been in and the name has not changed either. However the file (due to work and a save) is not the same in regards to the data contained within.


      Is the problem with the recovery data the fact that the document has had additional work done... even though it is named the same and in the same location?


      Even if we cannot recover the work I'd love to have an explanation as to why not.