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    Overset Text Issue


      I'm in CS5.  I'm have a huge problem. I've search here and gooled and still can't find an answer. I've got a text box that is forcing a overset text when there's still like half an inch or more space in the column.  I found on a tips site where this had happened to someone else and tried all their solutions, but none of them worked.  It's not a "keep" problem; that's turned off. It's not a hyphenation issue. I have no page breaks from the text source. It's not in table. It's not the tabs, they're fine. Is there any way to turn it off and force it to fill the column? I even went so far as to delete it and start over. What ever hOverset_text1.JPGOverset_text2.JPGelp can be given wil be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The easiest way to diagnose this sort of thing is to select the first few words of overset text in the Story Editor and check for No Break, and take another look at the keep options, just to be sure. Also look for hyphenation disabled and words separated by non-breaking spaces, and text sizes too large to fit, or paragraph indents that add to more thanthe column width.

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            TAC@OSU Level 1

            I checked all those. The Hyphenation had been turned off so I turned it on (which I don't actually want), but it made no difference other than to add a partial word to the line. If you look at the pictures, you'll noticed that it's breaking right in the middle of a paragraph. I've checked all the words in that paragraph and they have "No break" turned off.  I've also checked the beginning of the next paragraph.


            Since this is the first time I used the paragraph style in that text box, I tried changing the style.  It made no difference. I tried making it the same style as the one above and it did reunite the paragraph and pull in the next single line, but not the rest of the overset text.


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              It sounds like a keep options problem of some sort, and it could be that the problem is in the next paragraph (set to keep all lines together, or more than will fit AND there's a keep option to keep the last line of the paragraph that breaks with the first line of thenext paragraph, which could be in either paragraph).

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                TAC@OSU Level 1

                Turning ON keep worked!  Originally, I had keep on and it was actually worse now, just changing the one style to have keep, works!! THANK YOU!