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    InDesign CS6 bleeds disappearing when saved to PDF


      I've created pdfs from my InDesign CS6 files perfectly until recently. Documents with bleeds are now losing the entire bleed and appearing white when saved to pdf.


      Test—Opened a new InDesign document and placed a solid block of color in various sizes, positions and coverage areas.

      Result—When a 3-sided bleed covers half or a little more of the page it will print. The color block will not print if the bleed covers 3/4 up to and including the entire page.


      I have read numerous discussions. Tried modifying slug and bleed in both the InDesign file and in exporting to PDF and nothing seems to work.


      Using: InDesign CS6 (8.0.1), Acrobat X (10.1.7), OS (10.8.4)


      Thank you to anyone who can shed some light,