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    Premiere Pro CC and AVCHD spanning or Multicam problem

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      I'm not exactly sure where to pin the current problem I'm having.  To my best guess it's either an AVCHD spanning issue, or it's just just a Multi-cam bug.  Yesterday I cut a 40 minute multicam sequence.  It looked and played great when I was finished.  I began editing in clips of interviews and sound bites.  Somewhere along the way, PPro CC thinks that my video has gone out of sync with my audio.  The audio from the Multicam Source Sequence plays through, however the video is now showing the red and white plus and minus (out of sync) icon on every clip past a certain point.  Though I can't be sure, I am fairly certain that I did not pull these clips out of sync (i.e. by locking an audio track and moving the video track) at some point.  Also, when scrubbing through this section of "out of sync" multi-cam footage, each cut begins with the same footage as the first clip in the first of several spanned video fiels that make up this clip.


      If I haven't lost you, so far, and you recognize this problem, is there a workaround?


      I've tried:


      1. ALT+dragging the Multicam Source Clip onto each segment in hopes that it would somehow re-link properly to the underlying sequence.  No luck.

      2. Right-clicking the "out of sync" indicator on the footage in the timeline, then clicking "move into sync".  This makes that segment of the cut dissapear (probably re-appearing somewhere much earlier in the timeline, though that's not helpful).

      3. Right-clicking the "out of sync" indicator on the footage in the timeline, then clicking "Move others into sync".  No luck.  The "out of sync" indicator dissapears.  Premiere thinks all is well.  But I still see the starting frame of each camera everytime I've switched cameras.  Since both cameras did not start exactly at the same time, I actually see black when it switches to Camera 2 (the first frame of Camera 2 in the Multi-Camera Source Sequence is black).


      I thought I saw people posting about this issue yesterday, but I couldn't find that forum today.  Is it a common problem and what is the work-around?