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    Packaging for iOS app store takes 3 hours

    Service pro

      I've seen a lot of complaints around the web (and on these forums) about how long it takes to package for iOS. However, these complaints are from people who lose patience and since the progress bar doesn't work they assume the packaging has somehow failed and the process is hanging. So the only help I've seen offered on this problem is that the person should read over the packaging documentation, ignore the progress bar, and be patient.


      What I'm hoping is that someone actually has tips regarding reducing this time. I know the process is taking compiled AS3 bytecode and transforming it into iOS assembler (which understandbly isn't a fast process), so reducing the footprint of my AS3 code should result in a faster package time. Are there any good articles on keeping your AS3 bytecode to a minimum? Does the size my native extensions also hurt me? Are there any common "gotchas" to look for?